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Continuous Improvement in Leadership

The Michael Page Procurement & Supply Chain 2016 leadership conference saw over 100 industry leaders treated to a keynote speech from Rasmus Ankerson. Rasmus, a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and speaker on performance development, talked about how to avoid complacency in a high performing team, sharing critical pieces of advice for any leader.
One of the key points made was about treating complacency with the same scepticism that we treat success. Essentially if we fail we react, we assess, we analyse and we talk about what we must do differently to succeed. On the other hand, success is often met with inadvertent complacency, we just expect and hope for things to continue in the same vein. Rasmus went on to outline businesses that had done tremendous jobs in creating the feeling of a burning platform when there were no flames in sight. Equally, he outlined a few that hadn’t… ultimately at their own peril.  
Prior to Rasmus we were fortunate enough to hear from a CPO panel of four. Patrick Marter, Klaids Lafon, Clive Rees, and Ed Fuchs, represented most sectors based on their experience and background. Whilst the panel shared their views on topics as broad ranging as successfully landing change programmes through to the impact that technology has had on building and maintaining trust in relationships, one topic in particular resonated with me the following day. Whilst tackling the subject of change management and driving a vision, each of the panel agreed with one statement, “You cannot, not communicate”. It may be a simple premise that we all already understand but it is worth reflecting on. We are all aware of the impact that we can have on others based on what we say, when we say it and even how we say it. Do we think enough about what we are saying when we say nothing? Or when we are not present at a meeting we decided we couldn’t attend?

Continuous Improvement in Leadership panel

Patrick Marter
Patrick Marter, Chief Procurement Officer, Fidelity International.
After Graduating in Engineering, Patrick joined the RAF as an engineering Officer. Transitioning into Procurement 15 years ago, Patrick has rapidly progressed through Network Rail, Barclays and Citi and after a brief period as an independent consultant has recently joined Fidelity International as their CPO.
Klaids Lafon
Klaids Lafon de Ribeyrolles, Executive Vice-President, Infrastructure and Services Purchasing, Rolls Royce.
Klaids is the Executive Vice-President, Infrastructure and Services Purchasing for Rolls-Royce, UK. Klaids joined Rolls-Royce in 2006. Through his career, he held several positions within Supply Management and has extensive experience in leading global and international purchasing organisations. Klaids is a Director of the board of the Midland Aerospace Association and is FCIPS certified
Clive Rees
Clive Rees, Chief Procurement Officer, Americas & EMEIA, Fujitsu
Clive joined Fujitsu as the CPO the UK & I in 2014, and has continued to progress since joining.  Prior to that, Clive was CPO for Ladbrokes PLC and IT Procurement Director for six years at Lloyds Banking Group. Clive holds a BA Degree, MBA and a PhD in Commercial Relationships.
Ed Fuchs
Ed Fuchs, Chief Procurement Officer, ARYZTA
Ed holds a BA Degree in Engineering and an MBA. ED started his career in production and general management before finding his way into supply chain, procurement and change management at United Biscuits. Ed continued to progress through the ranks to Group Procurement Director, before taking up the position of CPO and Commercial General Manager at ARYZTA. 



The role of a leader is a privileged one that comes with the ability to positively impact on other people’s lives. Finding the balance of celebrating and recognising achievements in teams or individuals, whilst challenging them to do more to reach their potential and ultimately not stand still, is tricky enough. Now may be a good time to reflect on what your communication about performance is saying to your team. 
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