Monday motivation: how to be happier at work

Many of us will, unfortunately, be familiar with feeling low as a result of work. Be it workload, personal issues, or people problems, there are many reasons for feeling stressed at work, which can cause us to underperform or become disengaged with our everyday life. Here at Michael Page, we understand the stresses that work can bring, and we want to help professionals feel happier at work.

Here are our top eight tips on boosting happiness in the workplace. 

1. Avoid office politics 

At work, it is very easy to get sucked into the negative conversations and events that are happening around you. Listening to, or engaging with negative conversations or idle gossip with co-workers, will probably leave you feeling anxious or upset. Office politics can be difficult to avoid, but if you do we can guarantee that you’ll feel a lot happier in your workplace. 

2. Get organised 

If your brain is feeling scrambled and you are worried about your workload, it can cause severe stress. Utilising your diary effectively and keeping a comprehensive to-do list of all of your tasks is a great way to lay out your workload, and look at it in a different way. By writing down all of your jobs in a list format, or keeping a weekly desk planner with all of your ongoing tasks by your side, you will find that you are more equipped to tackle your workload, as you will have planned the points on your list methodically.

3. Speak up about how you are feeling

Many professionals underestimate the importance of having a support system at work. Some may find it difficult to form lasting and comfortable friendships with their colleagues. But, if you do try to get to know them, then you may find they become a lifeline when something is bothering you in the workplace. Venting to a friend, or trusted colleague at work, can help you to see things from a different perspective and potentially alleviate some of your workplace worries. 

4. Decorate your desk

As the years go on, workers are spending more time sitting at their desks, so you should, if you haven’t already, attempt to personalise your workstation. This can be a great way to create a home-away-from-home atmosphere whilst at work. Don’t underestimate the power of home comforts. Even if this means bringing a hot water bottle into work with you, or simply adding a desk plant, it is a good idea to add some of your personality to your desk. 

5. Do activities before or after work

Whether it be exercising, an art class, or a drink with friends, making plans before and after work is a great way to boost your morale. If you get sucked into the 'work to home to work' lifestyle, it can begin to feel like you are working for nothing. Inject some enjoyment into your life and you might find that your attitude towards work improves. 

6. Take regular breaks

Working continuously through the day with only a one-hour lunch break isn’t healthy. Make sure that you aren’t burning yourself out at work. Taking short, regular breaks will boost your concentration levels, and allow you to reflect on your workload. 

7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

It is really important to try to keep healthy when you are feeling down at work. It is easier to treat yourself when you aren’t at your best, but this will only lead you to feel worse. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a well-balanced diet, exercise, and drinking sufficient water throughout the day. 

8. Look at the positives 

It can be easy to adopt a humdrum attitude towards work. Dragging yourself away from this mindset is difficult, but a positive outlook about work can do wonders for your morale and productivity. Be sure to look at the positives of your workplace and you will begin to notice other positives too.

If you aren’t feeling yourself at work, and you want to look for ways to boost your workplace happiness, why not browse our ‘being happy at work’ articles, where we aim to help you to effectively manage workplace stress. Alternatively, if you are looking for roles elsewhere, get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today.

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