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Growing your career

Michael Page has over 40 years’ experience in career advice and growth. We are regularly giving advice to our candidates on how to develop themselves and their careers. Often, people find themselves asking the question ‘What job should I do next?’ Next steps are often hard to make, but arming yourself with the relevant tools can help you to succeed. Preparing for your next interview, readying yourself to have discussions with your manager about progression and benchmarking your own performance, are all steps in the right direction. Our helpful and experience consultants are skilled in giving advice on opportunities that are specially tailored to you, allowing you to excel within your career or try something new, using transferrable skills.

A career change is often considered stressful. So, we understand why people may be reluctant to put themselves out there to develop further. It can be difficult to determine how to reach your next step up the career ladder, utilise your skills and push yourself to new heights, you might surprise yourself when you land a role with more responsibility and better remuneration. However, changing your career can mean different things to different people. Be it a promotion within your current organisation or upskilling and attending training courses in order to prepare yourself for a new role entirely, there are plenty of ways to develop yourself and change your life with a new and improved job role.

We can help you find the best opportunity to suit you and your skillset, as well as helping you improve your current job role and pushing yourself to reach the highest potential possible. Explore the careers advice section on our website to grow and develop your career. With Michael Page, you can feel confident in your ability and move closer to your dream job.