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As part of our comprehensive advisory service, we regularly run events and webinars to keep our clients and candidates well informed on all things recruitment. When considering your workforce, in HR particularly, it is crucial to keep up with the latest legal updates, leading trends, and the best ways to attract, manage and develop key talent.

Whether you need additional support and advice on creating a structured diversity and inclusion strategy, mentoring programme, or even guidance on how to run a more effective recruitment process – we can help. Our events offer a wealth of insight for businesses of all sizes and across all industry sectors.

In line with the trending topics in the sector, our specialist consultants run these sessions in conjunction with keynote speakers to further explore the impacts of these topics on the industry. We aim to provide in-depth, expert advice for business leaders to implement into their own organisation and HR or hiring managers to integrate into their recruitment processes.

Some of our past events have focused on the following key topics:

• Flexible working - Matthew Taylor discussed how businesses can meet the growing demands of the millennial workforce in line with his Taylor Review.
• Reviving a stagnating team –Sarah Archer, career coach, joined us to discuss tips on encouraging collaboration and communicating effectively, to building confidence and avoiding complacency.
• Assessing skill sets – John Lees, UK author and career coach, talks all things skills and finding the right people to fill your roles.

Watch this space for all our upcoming events and webinars, or explore our recent on-demand webinars now. Be sure to register for those you are interested in or get in touch with your local Michael Page office to discuss any industry-specific events that may be coming up near you.