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Cover letter and CV advice

Every day our specialist consultants help job seekers by tailoring their CV’s and cover letters. From giving advice on how to write a CV to, how best to present yourself and your personal brand, we want to help you get interviews with our clients. For all levels, a CV and cover letter are crucial factor(s) in whether you are offered a job or not. Knowing what is really important on a CV can ensure you aren’t taking your CV in the wrong direction to what your potential employer is looking for. A good CV and cover letter can be the turning point to getting you face-to-face with our clients, where you can then wow them throughout the interview stages.

A lot of first time candidates can find it difficult to write a professional CV and cover letter, it’s a document that is created purely to highlight all of your greatest strengths and achievements. Therefore, it can feel difficult and unnatural to pull all of this information together onto one concise and easy-to-read document. Alternatively, if you are looking for a specialist career in a certain sector, it can be challenging to tailor your CV to best suit that area of expertise, as knowing what not to include is rarely clear when looking at the job description.

Our specialist recruitment consultants have put together an array of information and advice on how best to write a CV and cover letter. Our easy to read articles on how to present yourself prior to the interview is great when considering your CV and cover letter from a different perspective. Your potential employer will consider your CV differently to a friend or family member, and our recruitment consultants know our client’s needs and requirements better than anyone. We can help you to fine tune your CV and cover letter so you are best armed to go for your desired job.