What to include in a sales cover letter

The best cover letter is a sales pitch all about you, so writing a sales cover letter should come naturally, right? But when you're applying for your dream job, or even just trying to compete in a crowded candidate pool, every word counts.

Writing a great CV and cover letter gives you a head start over other applicants, whose communication skills might not be as good as your own. If you are someone who struggles with putting your thoughts down on paper, taking the time to craft a better cover letter will pay dividends too.

It's a question of return on investment. But instead of investing money, you're investing a small amount of time and attention into crafting sales cover letters for each application individually, tailored to the precise demands and expectations of each role.

For a general overview of the best cover letter template for job applications, read our guide on the top 10 things to remember when writing a cover letter. Once you're familiar with the basic principles, read on for more specifics about how to write a great sales cover letter for various roles.

How to write a cover letter for a sales job

Those general principles still apply to how to write a cover letter for a sales position: structure your cover letter template in the traditional way, including the recipient and sender's name and address, the current date, and a business-appropriate greeting and sign-off.

Get all of that information into place first and you give yourself a cover letter framework to fill in with your own direct experience and past achievements. Like your CV, it's then just a matter of choosing the most relevant information and prioritising the parts you are most proud of.

Sales cover letter examples

Take a look at our general cover letter template, which will give you a first look at what to put in a cover letter. We have made this sample cover letter as versatile as possible, so that you can make adjustments that fit your particular industry.

Now let's take a look at an example cover letters for some of the most prominent sales jobs. Terms like sales executive and sales associate are often used interchangeably in job advertisements, although more senior positions like sales director are less fluid.

Sales director cover letter example

A sales director cover letter should be appropriate to the level of seniority of the role. Be polite but don't be afraid to use an authoritative tone of voice, as you are likely to be highly experienced and potentially already a leading figure in your industry.

By this stage in your career, you've probably had some significant victories. List some of these and provide details, such as the total revenues generated, the number of new clients you added, or some other examples of positive outcomes.

Remember to address soft skills and transferable skills such as leadership, effective management, working individually and as part of a team, and communication both written and verbal - all of these are valuable to employers in the modern market.


Sales associate cover letter template

Make sure you fully understand the definition of the role you are applying for - strictly speaking, a sales associate usually assists a sales representative to meet company targets and generate the desired volume and value of new business.

A sales associate cover letter should keep this in mind throughout, portraying your excellent organisational skills, your ability to take orders and to work independently, and any evidence of how you have performed well in similar roles in the past.

Check the job description carefully in the advertisement and address the specific duties and expectations listed there - not all employers will define 'sales associate' in exactly the same way, and it's crucial to keep your cover letter content relevant.


Cover letter for sales executive jobs

A covering letter for sales executive roles should again target the duties and responsibilities mentioned in the job advertisement, as 'sales executive' is used even more broadly by employers.

If in doubt, speak to your recruitment consultant, as they may be able to clarify the nature of the role. At Michael Page we work to ensure that our candidates know exactly what the role will entail, enabling you to make the strongest possible job application.

For entry-level sales jobs with a possibility of progression, it's completely acceptable to include a paragraph about your own ambitions and how you believe they will align with your new employer's long-term business goals.


More sales cover letter tips

You can get even more cover letter advice in our article what is a cover letter and why are they important? which includes another complete cover letter example for you to refer to.

As well as writing a standout cover letter, it’s also important to utilise tools such as LinkedIn to make sure employers are seeing you as a top salesperson and an employee they want on their team. 

If you would like more tailored sales cover letter advice or you have any more questions about applying for sales roles, submit your CV today. We are always happy to help our candidates work towards the job - and the career - of your dreams.


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