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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives are becoming more important than ever for businesses across the UK. Not only are consumers becoming savvier to the importance of ESG, but talented professionals are also looking to businesses to set up clear policies and have actions in place to help facilitate ESG initiatives. 

In fact, in a recent PageGroup survey, we found out that 13% of candidates would be put off from proceeding with a job application if the company didn’t make its commitment to ESG clear. 

That’s why in our more recent webinar, we went on a deep dive into exactly what ESG is and how financial services companies specifically can implement this initiative into their business strategy.  We were joined by Annabel Nelson, Head of ESG Policy & Disclosure at M&G plc, who ran through her experience on how she navigated and developed M&G’s ESG policy from the ground up. 

To help our finance clients learn why ESG is important and where to start, we discussed: 

  • What ESG is and why is it important for financial services companies 
  • How to take ESG forward and build out a sufficient team of talented professionals
  • What more finance teams can be doing to stay on top 
  • Practical advice and key takeaways from M&G’s ESG journey 

There was also an insights Q&A with our expert speaker at the end.

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  • Event speakers

    Host: Kyra Cordrey, Head of Page Consulting, PageGroup 

    Speaker: Annabel Nelson, Head of ESG Policy & Disclosure, M&G plc