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The sales industry is highly competitive, and acing a sales interview requires more than just a charismatic personality. Employers often pose the common interview question, "Describe your sales experience," to gauge your expertise, track record, and ability to handle various sales situations.

In this article, we will provide you with valuable insights and example answers that cater to salespeople at all levels, from junior roles to senior.

Tips on answering "Describe Your Sales Experience" interview question

  • Highlight achievements: It's important to mention any exceeding sales targets and specific achievements or milestones in your sales career. For instance, discuss significant deals you closed, major accounts you secured, or any recognition or awards you received for your sales performance.
  • Provide quantifiable results: Whenever possible, quantify your achievements to provide tangible evidence of your success. Include metrics such as revenue generated or percentage growth in order to showcase the impact of your sales efforts and demonstrates your ability to drive tangible results.
  • Discuss sales methodologies and techniques: You want to show your interviewer that you really know what you’re talking about, so mentioning specific sales methodologies or techniques you have utilised in your sales approach – such as consultative selling, solution selling, or relationship selling - demonstrates your understanding of effective sales strategies.
  • Mention collaborative efforts: If you have collaborated with other teams or departments, highlight instances where you worked cross-functionally to achieve sales objectives. This demonstrates your ability to collaborate and build effective relationships within the wider organisation.
  • Share customer success stories: Discuss memorable experiences where you helped customers overcome challenges or achieve their goals. Share stories that showcase your customer-centric approach, problem-solving skills, and ability to deliver value to clients. This provides evidence of your ability to build trust and establish long-term relationships with customers.

Example answers to use when asked “Describe your sales experience”

Don’t get caught out in your next interview when asked a tricky interview question. By leveraging these examples, you can impress your potential employer and secure your dream sales position.

Example answers for junior salespeople:

As a junior salesperson, it's important to emphasise your passion, eagerness to learn, and any relevant educational background. Here's an example answer that highlights these qualities:

In my previous role as a junior sales representative at XYZ Company, I was responsible for prospecting and cold calling potential clients. I consistently exceeded my targets by leveraging my strong communication skills and attention to detail. I actively sought mentorship from senior team members and completed several sales training courses to enhance my product knowledge and sales techniques. Through these experiences, I developed a solid foundation in sales and honed my ability to build relationships and close deals.

Example answers for mid-level salespeople:

For mid-level salespeople, employers look for a combination of experience, leadership, and adaptability. Use this example answer as a guide to demonstrate your growth and achievements:

As a mid-level sales professional, I have a proven track record of success. In my previous position at ABC Company, I consistently exceeded my sales targets by developing and executing innovative sales strategies. I also took on leadership responsibilities by mentoring and training junior team members, resulting in a significant improvement in our overall team performance. I am adaptable to changing market dynamics and have successfully navigated challenging sales situations, such as negotiating complex contracts and managing key accounts. My ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships has consistently resulted in repeat business and increased revenue.

Example answer for senior salespeople:

Senior salespeople should highlight their extensive experience, strategic thinking, and ability to drive revenue growth. Here's an example answer that showcases these qualities:

As a senior sales professional, I have over a decade of experience in exceeding sales targets and driving revenue growth. In my previous role as Sales Manager at XYZ Corporation, I spearheaded a strategic account management initiative that led to [insert your main achievement]. I have a proven ability to identify and seize opportunities in the market, build and manage high-performing sales teams, and establish long-term partnerships with key clients. By leveraging my deep industry knowledge and extensive network, I consistently deliver exceptional results and contribute to the company's overall success.

Preparation is key

When asked to describe your sales experience in an interview, it's crucial to provide a compelling answer that aligns with your level of experience. By tailoring your response to highlight your relevant skills, achievements, and growth, you can demonstrate your value to potential employers. Utilise the example answers provided as a framework to create a personalised response that showcases your unique strengths. 

What’s next?

Planning out your answer for key interview questions is just one way to prepare for a sales job interview. Here are more steps you can take to increase the strength of your application and improve your chances of making a good impression on the interviewers.

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