Making your employees feel valued should be an ongoing priority. People who feel appreciated are far more likely to be productive and happy in their role. It’s all part of motivation and retention.

Many employers overlook the fact that money is (for many) a short-term motivator and won’t give someone daily job satisfaction.

Try the below methods to keep your team on a roll and feeling valued.

1. Say thank you

Sounds obvious, but a simple thank you goes a long way and is a small reminder to your employee that you acknowledge their work.

2. Say please

Again, this sounds like a given, but politely asking an employee to carry out a task will get a much better response than ordering them to do it.

3. Organise a regular social event

This doesn’t have to be weekly or even monthly; a quarterly or biannual event that takes place around the same time each year gives staff something to look forward to.

4. Buy breakfast or beers

You know your team best, would they be more motivated by coming into work for croissants on a Monday or would Friday afternoon drinks keep them going throughout the week?

5. Clear progression strategies

People tend to feel unappreciated when they are working hard but can’t see their career heading in any direction. Providing that direction helps people keep on track for their targets and feel like you believe in them.

6. Success shout outs

Create an environment that encourages employees to send interdepartmental emails to promote recent successes they’ve had, or schedule weekly awards where employees can nominate their colleagues. Praise from colleagues is just as worthy as that from a manager.

7. Give extra responsibility

If you feel confident giving someone junior responsibility over a project that their line manager would normally take, do it. You may be surprised how well they come through if they feel you have trust in them.

8. Talk to them

Take some interest in your team members. You don’t have to blur the lines between social and work to converse in a friendly manner and people appreciate the interest.

9. Give bonuses

As mentioned above, money isn’t always the best way to engage staff, but if you can afford to, give annual bonuses and tell staff it’s a reward for their hard work throughout the year.

Incorporate employee appreciation and motivation in your retention strategy – employees who feel valued will be worth the investment. Find out more from Michael Page about development and retention advice.

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