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Salary advice

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We understand that professionals go to work to earn money. The salary package that an individual is offered is a very important factor when considering a new role, as this impacts their day-to-day life and the lifestyle they lead. That’s why, here at Michael Page, we have developed a number of salary calculators and tools to help you determine whether you are receiving the right remuneration for your current role, and what you should expect to be offered when changing companies, job roles or industry. Alternatively, our clients can also utilise these tools and articles to test whether they are offering a competitive salary compared to the average UK salary in their industry.

We have over 40 years of experience in recruitment. This means that we are well equipped to offer salary advice across a number of industry sectors. Using our knowledge of the UK market and from data collected from the jobs we have advertised and placed, we have calculated the average salary offered to our candidates by region. To help professionals make the most of this information, we have also written an article on how to negotiate your salary. If you find yourself going for a job role but the salary doesn’t match the average for the position or meet your expectations, we can help you to navigate the process of asking for an amended offer from your potential employer.

We have an extensive library of career and management advice for you to browse. Many of these have been created in line with our interactive tools that can help you manage your everyday life in terms of your salary and performance at work. Want to know how much your salary affects your happiness? You can find out by matching your job title to our interactive graph to find out.

Explore our range of salary advice tools and articles to discover more about remuneration. Employers can also benchmark the salaries for their organisation and future hires.