Estimate your take-home pay for the current year

In the UK, your salary is subject to Income Tax and National Insurance contributions. Our Salary Calculator is a fast and simple tool to help you estimate your take-home pay based on your earnings.
The tool estimates your net income based on the Income Tax you will be deducted and the NI contributions you will be required to pay.

Please note:This calculator provides estimates based on the UK 2023/2024 tax tables and the information you enter. It should be used as a guide only. For further information regarding UK Income Tax rates and Personal Allowances visit Salary Calculator provided by SalaryBot.

UK Income Tax and National Insurance

Income Tax is a tax you pay on your salary on amounts exceeding your Personal Allowance, which is currently set at £12,500. If you claim Marriage Allowance or Blind Person’s Allowance this may be higher and if your income is over £100,000 your personal allowance is lower. Our Salary Calculator will determine your personal allowance based on your situation and adjusts your estimated take-home pay accordingly.
National insurance (NI) contributions are payable by income earners aged 16 or over who earn more than £183 a week or are self-employed and make a profit of £6,475 or more in a year. Employees within the UK pay NI contributions in order to qualify for certain benefits such as a state pension or maternity allowance. There are different classes of NI payments and your personal circumstances will determine the amount you pay.

Calculating your income

The tool provides a comprehensive breakdown of the salary you will receive before tax and then your net salary after any deductions. Deductions based on your income tax estimation and estimated NI contributions are subtracted from your yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly pay to give you a thorough overview of your earnings.
For your take-home pay estimation and a snapshot of the deductions you will be required to pay, complete the short form above. You can choose to amend the tax year for a historical view of your earnings and if you are working on a temporary contract, and are paid a weekly or an hourly rate, you can adjust your gross salary details to suit.