Helping to shape company culture

The financial model has changed, businesses have changed too, and practices that make the most of digitisation, while integrating planning, strategy and performance, will thrive. This report provides a clear financial leadership outline for today’s CFO, one that has the right drive and determination in abundance. CFOs are now required to have more than just a clear focus on treasury, accounting and budgeting. In the current climate, they need to be adept in more than one direct approach and must possess the right skills, and knowledge that incorporates a high level of competencies.
This report highlights the four distinctive approaches/roles required, based on our in-depth discussions with a panel of international CFOs. These are:
  • The Engineer: organises and coordinates rules.
  • The Scientist: manages the architecture of IT and aligns systems. 
  • The Pilot:  brings their own business skills into the mix, managing the organisation’s overall performance and value.
  • The Coach: the organisation’s talent finder that merges technology and people together to drive performance.
The best CFOs should always be right at the heart of creating sustainable people strategies and building innovative cultures for their organisations. This essential report will help CFOs shape the entire future of their company culture so that they can provide safeguards against potential challenges and build successful workforces. 

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