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Welcome to the ASC

The ASC is the leading aquaculture standard and seafood label that goes beyond certification to address some of the most pressing consumer, social and environmental challenges of our time including:  

  • verified conservation and restoration of the world’s oceans, coasts and wildlife
  • reducing industry C02 emissions
  • access to cleaner, healthier, and safer farm-raised protein
  • improving the lives of workers and local communities in the developing world

Aquaculture can be a climate friendly, healthy and nutritious source of protein and plays a critical role to play in helping end world hunger. However, if it is carried out excessively or irresponsibly, aquaculture can lead to unacceptable social and environmental trade-offs including poor water quality, disease outbreaks, the use of potentially harmful chemicals and the overuse of antibiotics.

ASC’s stakeholder engagement, independence, transparency, stringency, assurance tools and verified improvements are some of the reasons that ASC is widely recognised as the most valuable and credible standard in farmed seafood. When you buy ASC labelled seafood you reward responsible farmers, contribute to long-term food security and nutrition, restore ecosystems and improve the living standards of the poorest.

We hope you join the team

The ASC operates globally with aquaculture producers, seafood processors, retail and foodservice companies to increase the awareness, demand, and distribution of ASC certified seafood and to promote the best environmental and social choice in farmed seafood. We also work with the world’s leading scientists, conservation groups and other aquaculture stakeholders to set and continuously improve the ASC standards that address the key environmental and social impacts of farming, and secure product carrying the ASC logo.
The ASC is currently implementing organisation-wide outputs of a strategy review that includes expanding and augmenting our teams around the world. Please do set up a job alert so you’re first to know when we post new positions here.