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GMCA is at the forefront of the devolution agenda with more powers than any other combined authority and an ambitious change agenda. It's a fast paced, outcome driven place which gives a real sense of being part of the change. You'll work with a incredible array of epxerts who are really passionate about improving people's lives. You're influence will make a difference. 

As an employer, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is made up of a number of key Greater Manchester strategic functions and service providers including; Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS); Waste and Recourses; Environment; Work and Skills; Research; Public Sector Reform; Police, Crime and Criminal Justice; Homelessness; the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub and the Commissioning Hub.

Greater Manchester is one of the country's most successful city-regions. Home to more than 2.8 million people and with an economy bigger than that of Wales or Northern Ireland. Our vision is to make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to grow up, get on and grow old. We're getting there through a combination of economic growth, and the reform of public services.


Meet the team

Steve Wilson

In addition to GMCA Treasurer, Steve is also the acting Executive Lead – Finance & Investment for Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

Steve has worked in public sector finance for 25 years having started his career on the NHS Graduate Financial Management Training Scheme in 1996.

He worked in a variety of roles across the NHS including Director of Finance and Deputy Chief Executive for Wirral Community NHS Trust and Director of Financial Control for NHS England nationally.

Steve moved from the NHS to regional government in December 2019 taking up the role of Treasurer for GMCA. This role includes overseeing the finances of the combined authority including Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and the offices of the Mayor of Greater Manchester and the Deputy Mayor for Police, Crime and Fire.

Steve is a Director of Transport for Greater Manchester and a Trustee for St Ann's Hospice.

He lives in Manchester with his wife and two teenage children. He is an avid (and regularly disappointed) Derby County fan.

Meet the team

Chris Atherton
Procurement & Commercial Services Manager

Chris is MCIPs qualified and has worked in the public sector for a number of years but has also past experience of private sector work where her career began.

Chris has joined GMCA from the AGMA Hub where she led on a number of high profile projects, including Apprenticeships for GMCA and is the project lead for The Chest, the North West e-procurement portal. 

Out of work she enjoys walking her two rescue dogs, caravanning and darts!!

Meet the team

Sam Pickles
Head of Commercial Services

Sam leads the commercial function. He feels that sound procurement has a crucial role to play in delivering Greater Manchester’s Strategy. With an award-winning background in sustainability, he has turned his attention to procurement in the belief that the right commercial relationships can bring about positive change. Sam is a father to three girls and loves mountain sports and backgammon. 

Meet the team

Paul Maynard
Collaborative Procurement Lead

Paul leads the collaborative procurement programme for the Greater Manchester Authorities, which involves achieving value for money solutions through joint working whilst also maximising the social, economic and environmental implications of procurement decisions.

Paul started work in Public Sector over 25 years ago, initially starting out his career in Accountancy, before moving into Procurement and hasn’t looked back since! He has extensive category, project and programme management expertise, with over 10 years’ experience of delivering collaborative procurement, for both education and local government.

Paul represents the region at the LGA’s National Advisory Group on Procurement, sits on numerous boards including the iNetwork Connected Procurement and Chairs the AGMA Heads of Procurement group Forum.

Paul is a Volunteer at local scout’s organisation (Chair and leader). He is a keen cyclist, enjoys playing football, golf and reading. Spending quality time with family. Socialising, whenever there is spare time available.