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Higher levels of diversity and inclusion in businesses have been shown to correlate positively to commercial performance, generate greater levels of innovation, and correspond to improved financial metrics. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the complexity of diversity and inclusion and the duty of care companies have to their employees.

When it comes to aligning hiring and talent strategy with diversity and inclusion priorities, gender equality is an excellent place to start. Yet, the research we have done in partnership with expert data scientists demonstrates that job advertisements routinely use language which appeals more to men than to women, limiting their effectiveness. To help you ensure that your job advertisements and hiring strategies are attracting the broadest range of candidates, we have created our Understanding the Science of Gender Bias in the Workplace eBook:

Topics covered include: 

  • What diversity and inclusion are and the differences between them
  • What our data tells us about gender bias in hiring
  • Why diversity and inclusion is a bigger priority than ever before for top talent
  • The commercial case for gender equality in hiring

For practical tips, advice, and examples of best practices when establishing effective diversity and inclusion initiatives, access your free copy of the comprehensive guide here:

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