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The age of liquid skills: Are your employees remaining relevant? Download your free white paper now

The emergence of new technology is changing the workforce, and it will be important for employers to use new technology to work more efficiently. Employees meanwhile will need to adopt a new mentality of working flexibly and learning quickly, re-skilling where necessary to stay relevant in an ever-changing working environment.
With a multitude of new tools and services to hand, consumers are developing a mercenary approach to the acquisition of new skills. Increasingly, knowledge can be acquired on-demand, effortlessly upgraded and, when obsolete, discarded without a moment’s thought. We have entered the age of Liquid Skills.
In this whitepaper, we discuss the impact of technology on employee skills, the mercenary approach to acquiring new skills and the age of liquid skills that can be gained and discarded when obsolete.

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About the Future First Research
We are in the midst of a massive upheaval in the job market in the UK. The rapidly evolving technological landscape is pushing boundaries across all industries. These technologies are enhancing what we do and how we do it, enabling us to be more agile, more responsive and more ambitious.
PageGroup, in partnership with trends forecasters Foresight Factory, undertook research to examine the emerging trends and technologies that will shape tomorrow’s workplace. We found six key technology trends and in this series of whitepapers explore how these trends are currently impacting the workplace, where businesses are already seeing value and what you should expect in the future.
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