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Personal productivity is an intrinsic part of business success. That’s why today’s leaders and managers need their people to be motivated to do the very best they can. But how do you spot the often subtle symptoms of an employee who is struggling to feel engaged with their day job?
This essential guide helps you and your organisation remedy an unmotivated workforce and reinvigorate the growth of your team (and boost your bottom line in the process). We have teamed up with top career coach Sarah Archer to identify the seven tell-tale symptoms of an employee who feels that their career is stagnating. 
This in-depth report offers fresh insight and expert advice to help you identify demotivated employees and transform stagnating personnel into happy and productive people who enjoy being at work. From tips on encouraging collaboration and communicating effectively to building confidence and avoiding complacency, we’ve got all the tools you need to ensure you and your team are geared up for growth this year. 
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