Logistics employers are looking for ever increasing standards of operation from their workers to improve the industry and its reputation. 
Michael Page Logistics manager Ben Lyons said employers wants staff who have both leadership qualities as well as soft skills.
“Increasingly, employers within the Logistics sector demand their management population are highly competent in softer skills such as leadership, coaching and communication in addition to the technical skills required to perform the job.
“In what remains a very people-driven industry they view these skills as essential in order to motivate and gain maximum effectiveness from their workforce as a whole.
“In an interview scenario employers will tend to explore these skills through competency based interviewing and it is essential that job applicants are able to present good examples of where they have excelled in these areas if they are to be successful “.
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport PR Manager Geoff Dossetter said while employers are hunting for talent they must also work on making the industry appealing.
“Over recent years economic pressures have increased the need to maximise efficiency and to get the most output from personnel in what is undoubtedly a very competitive industry,” Mr Dossetter said. 
 “Enlightened employers recognise the need to produce effective programmes of personnel development which enhance the performance of both the individual and thus the company. 
“The sector must work hard to attract its fair share of the brightest school leavers, job changers and graduates, and then develop their skills to meet the needs of what is, after all, an absolutely essential industry".
Skills for Logistics is developing a logistics apprenticeship to launch in 2011 which will provide people with an intense course that could offer them a fast-track route into the industry.
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