Many businesses see contracting simply as a temporary solution until a permanent hire is bought in, or as a way of temporarily helping to overcome shortfalls in the business. However, hiring contractors can deliver skilled, knowledgeable workers to your business as well as a huge range of other benefits which are often unlooked. 

Here, we explore these various advantages and show you how contractors can transform your business. 

Top benefits of hiring contractors into your business:

  • Ease of separation: In these times of political and economic uncertainty, with Brexit and the aftermath of Covid-19, you might not want to commit to taking on a permanent member of staff. With a contractor, you have the ability to access the skills you need without long-term commitment. 
  • Quicker return on investment: Procurement contractors often come with years of experience across different environments. This means a quicker ROI as they can start delivering project success from day one. In contrast, permanent staff often enter businesses at more junior levels and therefore require more training and development before they can start making a real impact on your business.
  • Specialist skills for project works: You can use a contractor for one-off jobs or key strategic projects, to manage change, or to ensure fast turnarounds. You can also hire contractors for jobs requiring specialist expertise, including skill-sets needed to plan and implement disruptive technologies.
  • Ease workload for permanent staff members: Using contractors enables your permanent staff to concentrate on core business activities. Also, if you have a permanent staff member out of the business due to sickness, sabbatical, or maternity leave, a contractor is a great way to keep the wheels turning in their absence.
  • Hire the right people ASAP: It's usually much quicker to get a contractor onboarded and working effectively. Working on an urgent project? A contractor can start as soon as you need them to help ease the burden of any urgent work. Contractors can hit the ground running and provide immediate solutions, picking up the workload where it’s needed most. 
  • Proof of concept: You can trial a potential permanent role without making long-term commitments. This is great for acquiring proof of concept for a project or creating a business case for a permanent role in the future. 

What are experts say:

The world of procurement is increasingly job-heavy as it returns to its pre-pandemic state. We're seeing demand for top contractors increase massively across the sector whilst permanent vacancies seem to be staying open for longer. Contractors have always played a pivotal role in the procurement world - coming into businesses for extra support, to work on key strategic projects where you might not need a permanent head. The reason procurement contractors work so well for businesses is that they’re usually very experienced in both the operational and strategic parts of the job. They’ve had huge exposure to a range of different environments meaning they can come in and help push procurement teams forward.

Ross Mingotti, Senior Manager, Michael Page Procurement & Supply Chain 

How Michael Page can help: 

Here at Michael Page Procurement, we specialise in finding top candidates to help your procurement teams thrive, whether that’s with permanent or interim candidates. With over 40 years of experience and 70+ recruitment specialists on hand to help, we’ll find top temporary talent for your business to help your business excel. 

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