The rapid switch to home working meant an increased reliance on procurement processes and teams to ensure the right equipment was available to facilitate business continuity. In addition to this, a top priority for procurement functions has been managing risks and costs through effective coordination with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring contracts and processes were updated to meet the changing needs of the business. 
The profile of the function, playing a pivotal role in how businesses effectively responded and adapted to the impacts of Covid-19, has been raised and seen a push for procurement to have a seat at the table to build more resilient processes moving forward. 
Considering the longer-term impacts of these changes, we know that attracting and securing top talent will be crucial in the next steps for all businesses, building upon organisational change and transformation to thrive in 2021. To support our customers in developing the teams they need for success and finding the right roles to drive their careers forward, we have divided this guide into two areas of focus:
Recruiting, talent trends, and skills
As part of our comprehensive market overview, we highlight the competitiveness and current processes of hiring in indirect procurement, where talent is looking for roles and the breakdown of the availability of talent, as well as the key skills for indirect procurement and emerging soft skills across the UK.
Salaries in indirect procurement  
With competition for the best talent remaining fierce, we break down the average salaries for the most advertised roles, looking at regional trends and fluctuations. More than ever, understanding salary expectations and market rates is key to future-proofing your talent pipeline and understanding your professional worth in the current landscape.   
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