If you’re a procurement and supply chain professional, your skillsets are in huge demand right now. Businesses are increasingly turning to procurement and supply management professionals to deliver growth and improve margins. As a profession, it is getting huge recognition as a major contributor to company growth, opening up great career opportunities to industry professionals just like you. 

Whether you’ve been on the fence about applying for a new role recently or are starting to look for that next step in your procurement career – this could be a great time to move. Here’s why:

1. Salaries are higher than ever before 

Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen huge salary spikes across all levels of job roles we recruit for, especially at the non-managerial level. This is being driven by rise in demand and shortage of supply when it comes to top talent, and a new appreciation of the value that can be realised by that talent. Looking at our own internal data sources, most procurement and supply chain roles in London have seen salary increases of up to 8% since 2020 with no signs of slowing down. 

With ‘The Great Resignation’ continuing to play out, the job market is extremely hot and there are a number of factors that make this a great time to move jobs. In my experience, candidates typically look for a 5-10% salary increase when changing jobs. However, in the current market, procurement and supply chain candidates can command a 10-20% increase or more! In addition, many clients are vastly improving on their wider benefits and hybrid working policies to attract the best talent from their competitors.

- Holly Antonia Butler, Senior Manager, Michael Page Procurement & Supply Chain 

2. 15% spike in procurement roles since 2020

At Michael Page, we're currently seeing a real spike in demand for high calibre candidates at either end of the salary spectrum, due to the ‘perfect storm’ caused by the pandemic and Brexit. Businesses require agile leaders to stabilise and develop supply chains within a rapidly changing and volatile environment. Meanwhile, increased demand for entry-level and graduate candidates has in turn led to big increases in starting pay. These shifts in the landscape have raised the profile and importance of procurement and supply chain roles so there is more opportunity than ever.

Over the last two years, most companies have realised that supply chain is the life blood of their business. This has been clearly demonstrated by the effects of Brexit and the pandemic. We are seeing demand rise for most job types that fit under the supply chain umbrella.

- Jonathon Weller, Business Director, Michael Page Procurement & Supply Chain

3. New opportunities are on the horizon 

There is a huge variety of roles on the market right now, especially in the change and transformation space, making this a very exciting landscape for candidates looking for new opportunities. Three years ago, most available roles were primarily internally focused, whereas now the opportunities are huge with more externally focused roles on offer, enabling top talent to enhance their skills and pick up valuable experience. 

The interim market is also back to growth. Coming into 2022, the dust appears to have now settled and businesses have acclimatised to the changes brought on by the IR35 reform. The interim market is buoyant once again, specifically those focused on transformational change and projects in things such as tech, AI and sustainability. 

In London alone, there has been a huge 25% increase in ‘greenfield’ roles for SME businesses and this doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Usually, this happens because businesses are experiencing growth. Greenfield roles offer a really exciting opportunity for procurement professionals to get involved in setting up new projects and functions and really leave their mark in a company.

- Jordan Collins, Manager, Michael Page Procurement & Supply Chain 

What next?

Demand for quality staff in the procurement and supply chain sector is through the roof, so now is the time to start looking for new roles, and land your dream job along with an attractive new salary package to go with it. To streamline this process, you need to be working with recruitment partners you know can deliver. That’s where we come in. 

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