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NHS and government testimonials

"Shah has particularly appreciated the additional insight that you have been able to provide on candidates which ensures he is able to shortlist the right candidates. He tells me that on many occasions you have successfully convinced him to change his mind on a candidate and have proved yourself to have excellent judgment in relation to finding the right individual for any role. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to other potential clients and sincerely wish you the very best as your career progresses".
Ian Clay
Acting Director of Finance
NHS Waltham Forest
"You have been very professional, helpful and friendly. I have liked the fact that you are not constantly on the phone to me – I just don’t have the time to chat to consultants on the phone all day. As you know, if I need you I will call you.
Thanks for your help with everything over this past year".
Carole Melody
Systems and Financial Accounts Manager
NHS Richmond & Twickenham
"I was planning to write this note of my appreciation for the last two weeks and unfortunately, due to my procrastination, I am only sending this to you now. I feel that the job is an ideal choice for my experience and I will be able to undertake far more than my predecessor. David seems happy with my performance, and especially with you, for introducing the right person for the job. He commented that you were very professional in your approach and introduced me as the only candidate as you were confident in my ability.
On my part, I am extremely thankful to you for finding me a position which suits my NHS experience and expectation. You were very supportive and encouraging whilst looking for a post for me and especially at a time when there are many candidates available on the market. I have done many assignments through Michael Page and I will do my best to keep up your expectation and to maintain the reputation you have in the market place. I am very grateful for your perseverance in securing me this position".
Kana Murugesu
Senior Financial Accountant
Homerton Hospital
"I have known Emily Wells for more than one year in her capacity as a recruitment consultant for Michael Page. Emily is personable, attentive and responsive. Emily listened to my objectives in pursuing opportunities through her.  She demonstrated a thorough understanding of the Finance profession and acted as a sounding board for testing my objectives.
When Emily put me forward for my current role, she provided me with the best preparatory information about the opportunity and the client, giving me the best opportunity to excel at the client interview.
Working with Emily, I felt supported in settling into my new role with her follow up calls and meeting to provide me with feedback. In my eighteen years in Finance and Accounting, I am not exaggerating when I say that Emily’s professionalism and good communication is amongst the best I have experienced and hence will recommend her to other professional colleagues unreservedly. With regards to Michael Page, I have known the company for more than 10 years and happy with my engagement with it".
Abdul-Latif Issifu FCCA
Project Manager
Kings College Hospitals
"Hello Emily,
All is going well here at Whipps, thanks again for all your help in securing this role for me. I know you made numerous calls to the client on my behalf under some pressure from me. This was due to the timing of my interview for this role and another role one of your competitors was working on for me. You were very open and honest with me during the entire interview process and gave me as much reassurance as you could to enable me to make the decision as to which role I took. I appreciated this honesty and turned down the other role which I had already been offered on the chance that I may get the one at Whipps, which was a difficult decision for me at that time.
I am glad I took the risk and turned down the other role in favour of this one and may not have done that without your help during this process. I would gladly recommend both yourself and Michael Page to any of my colleagues looking for work and look forward to working with you again myself at some point in the future".
Nigel Johnstone
Finance Manager
Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust
"Hi Emily,
It has been great dealing with you. I am really pleased with the way you have kept in touch with me over the years, keeping me informed of the potential opportunities and getting me into assignments that matched mine and client requirements. You have been efficient and tireless in the selection and referral of me for my career moves to various clients. Thanks for successfully liaising with the clients on my behalf, all your hard work and efforts are very much appreciated.
It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to work with Michael Page again in the near future".
Shivani Malhotra
Senior Finance Manager
"It gives me great delight in stating that Michael Page International is my preferred agency.
I have been a contractor working alongside Michael Page in the Finance division, primarily in the public sector, over the past three and a half years. Over this time I have worked with individuals in teams, who work with clients in the public and private sector.
Due to changes within Michael Page, staff promotions ( Michael Hackett) and then transitional changes due to the shift in the economy, I have had the privilege of working alongside several top consultants. The transition from one consultant to the next has always been smooth. Michael Page has strived to ensure that I am well-managed and created a sense that I was always on their radar.
A few points to note which distinguish Michael Page from other agencies:
1. Michael Page only rings when there is potentially a good match between client and candidate requirements; as a result, no time and effort has been squandered on roles which would not be suitable
2. I have never been forced into a role by a consultant, the decision has always been up to me, unlike other agencies
3. Consultants have always been friendly, polite and courteous over the phone
4. Consultants have been very efficient in quickly getting back to me with feedback, which is appreciated
5. I was unemployed for a significant part of this year and the consultants, especially Victoria Ward, was great in just keeping in touch, on a weekly basis, despite no potential roles coming in. 
A great touch of care!
So, based on the past 3 and a half years I would like to note:
1. Stephen Clarke - Who adjusted my rates just to qualify for my Tier 1 General Visa and as a result, I am still in the country!
2. Michael Hackett- who served me through several contracts
3. Aarandeep Do Sanjh
4. Owen Myers
5. Victoria Ward
6. Annaliese Rogers
Aaran and Owen were great. I had been passed on to them as a result of transitional changes at Michael Page. Their services have been as pointed out above".
Alison Heydenrych
Systems Accountant
"This is the second position I have been introduced to through Michael Page in the last year or so, and my experience both times has been an improvement on some in previous years. MP now seems to have a renewed awareness of the importance of the human interface, supplemented by online resources rather than an over-dependence on the technology that was a feature (and remains prevalent in other agencies).
I am very happy to confirm that your own involvement in the recruitment to my current role was first-rate. You identified a good matching of my skills and experience to the client’s Job/Person Specification requirements and I was well advised and effectively supported throughout the recruitment process with regular updates and clear communication of progress and feedback.  In addition, you have maintained an interest in my progress with appropriate ‘after sales care'.
Kevin Randall
Financial Project Manager
Energy Saving Trust