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As the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the global transition towards digital, the need for technology professionals sky-rocketed. Right now, individuals with the skills to build, manage, secure, and support technology infrastructure are in incredibly high demand. For many businesses, success in 2022 depends on such skills.

In the current recruitment landscape, securing top tech talent will not be easy – which is why we have created our salary and skills guide for the technology industry. This comprehensive guide will give both organisations and tech professionals the information they need to recruit, secure work, and thrive in 2022.

The guide has been divided into two areas of focus:

Recruiting, talent trends, and skills 

The first section of our comprehensive tech salary and skills guide focuses on sector-specific recruitment trends, such as competition and hiring processes, talent trends, such as in-demand and emerging skills, and a region-by-region breakdown of the most popular places tech professionals are looking for work. You will also find expert comment and analysis from sector executives.  

Salaries in technology

This is the most competitive tech hiring market we’ve ever seen. Businesses are having to work harder than ever, not only to recruit top talent, but to retain their existing tech stars. More than ever, up-to-date salary data and market rates are crucial to businesses. Understand this, and you will have the edge in this challenging sector. 

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