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Future-Proof Marketing: How to Build a Team Ready for Tomorrow

Are you fighting for a seat at the table? Losing talent to competitors, building diverse teams and fostering an inclusive culture to support these teams, presents conflicting challenges for marketing functions right across the UK. Roles are changing, although perceptions among senior leaders have yet to shift. The lines between digital and marketing are blurred, and a key question has arisen from this: is there a true distinction between them or are we overcomplicating what should really be one collaborative business function?
Our ‘Future-Proof Marketing: How to Build a Team Ready for Tomorrow’ white paper explores the key challenges that marketers are facing in terms of talent acquisition and retention, and offers solutions to better meet the needs and expectations of the talent pool. In such a competitive market, it is crucial for the sector to better define the role of a marketer, understand what talent is looking for and be sure to keep a happy, motivated workforce.

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