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According to a recent PageGroup survey, 77% of candidates are very satisfied with how our consultants found their jobs. Have you thought about doing the same?

Using a dedicated recruiter for your next career move can provide several benefits to helping you land the role you want. They can steer you in the right direction if you are unsure and can open you up to new roles which you may not have even considered.

Looking for a new job with a recruitment agency like PageGroup can offer numerous advantages, facilitating a smoother and more effective job search process.

In this article we’ll run through how to get the most out of your relationship with a recruiter and how Michael Page can help you land your dream job.

1. Access to a wide range of job opportunities and contacts: With over 40 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, we have established relationships with various companies across different multiple industries. As a job seeker, this means you have access to a broader spectrum of job openings that might not be advertised elsewhere. Check out some of our current live roles over on the Michael Page job board.

2. Professional guidance and support: At PageGroup our consultants provide more than just the basics. We strive to get you your dream job and providing valuable guidance on how to optimise your CV, prepare you for interviews, and effectively marketing yourself to potential employers. This expertise can help you present your skills and experience in the best possible light, increasing your chances of securing a desirable position. Check out some of our most helpful career advice with this fully updated Job Applicant Toolkit.

3. Salary Expertise: The consultants at PageGroup aren’t just experts in a sector, their expertise drills down to specific roles. They know the skills and experience required and the salary a client is willing to offer against the market standards. Working with Michael Page will ensure you get the best opportunity and are paid what you’re worth for your market, sector, and role. Want to see what you could be earning? Check out our 2024 Salary Guides for exclusive insights.   

4. Insights into company culture and expectations: Through the relationships our consultants have built with clients, they often have insights into the company culture and expectations of the organisations they work with. This knowledge can help you gain a better understanding of the work environment and determine whether a particular company is the right fit for you from a professional and personal perspective before you take the time to fill out an application.

5. Streamlined application process: PageGroup can help streamline your application process, saving you time and effort. Consultants can assist with initial screenings, schedule interviews, and provide timely feedback, ensuring that your application progresses run smoothly and efficiently.

6. Flexible working positions: It’s not just full-time permanent roles we can help you with. We recruit for a variety of roles spanning part-time, temporary, or contract positions, providing flexibility for those seeking short-term employment or looking to gain experience in a particular industry or role.

How to get the best out of working with PageGroup

Our team is here to provide you with what you need to make the recruitment process seamless, but here’s a few tips on things you can do to get the most out of your relationship with one of our consultants:

  • Be honest and transparent with your recruiter, so they can find a suitable role that meets your career and salary expectations. 
  • Take your recruiter’s advice and ideas on board, whether it’s about prospective companies or how to prepare for an interview, improving your CV, or any other element of your job search.
  • Always maintain open communication with your recruiter around any opportunities in the pipeline, other recruitment agencies you are using, and previous roles and companies you have applied for.

Why use Michael Page in your next job search?

We spend a third of our lives at work, so it’s important to find a job that offers challenges and rewards proportional to that investment. The market is saturated with recruitment firms promising to find you the right job, but how do you know if they’re able to deliver on that promise?

Michael Page, part of the PageGroup brand, has over 40 years' recruitment experience, with offices in 37 countries and specialist recruitment consultants operating across 20+ disciplines.

Our teams are broken down to focus on sector, salary level, and location, so whatever your situation, someone who knows your job market inside out will be able to assist you with:

  • Creating a plan of action
  • Securing interviews for jobs you want 
  • Briefing you on the company, role, and interviewer
  • Providing constructive feedback afterwards

What’s next?

If the time has come to look for something new, take a look through the Michael Page jobs board to find out what roles we have available.

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