Despite uncertainty around the economy in the UK, more than 50,000 manufacturing, procurement, supply chain and engineering roles were advertised last year, showing the sheer scale of demand from businesses. Many manufacturing companies – and other desperately in need of engineering and procurement support – are grappling with a scarcity of suitable talent.

With shortages of candidates, many organisations are without the talent they need to drive growth and expansion, which is essential for futureproofing at a time of relative insecurity. To truly power-up production, companies need to focus on attracting high-quality candidates and retaining skilled talent already in their ranks.

Working with a recruitment agency like Michael Page, boasting years of experience sourcing and placing high-quality candidate across multiple industries, can help make sourcing and placing candidates seamless. Our local, sector-specific, market expertise coupled with advanced technology finds you quality candidates, quickly, when you need them most offering the specifics of a boutique, with the reach and investment of a global recruitment firm.

Why work with Michael Page for engineering recruitment?

1. Market knowledge and networks

Our recruiters have a best-in-class network of the most talented engineering, manufacturing and procurement candidates on the market, built through years of experience and job hunting. This allows our team to match local talent to even the most unique vacancies.

2. Guidance and support

Our consultants work with businesses and candidates every day, providing them with a unique perspective on the current state of the market, including what companies need to do to secure the most talented candidates. Drawing on their own experience of the market and our internal data, they can advise on everything from time to hire to the best hiring approach, or what to include on a job advert.

3. Advanced technology

For a sector running short of suitable talent, finding the right candidate at the right time before a competitor is critical. Our teams specialise in finding the right fit for you, combining our industry expertise with advanced technology, so you never miss a new candidate on the market.  

Utilising the next generation of AI with our own expertise and quick off-the-mark knowledge, we capture candidates in real-time through our advanced technology and expert market knowledge, to ensure the candidates we source hit the mark every time.  

In doing so, we increase our own productivity, allowing us to fill roles faster without compromising on quality, offering our clients a better service than ever. 

4. Salary expertise

Working across a wide range of engineering, manufacturing, procurement, and supply chain roles every year gives us insight into the average salaries on offer, and therefore what potential employers need to offer candidate based on their level of experience and skill to seal the deal.  

Our 2024 Salary Guide for the sector sets out the going rates for different roles, along with a range of insights and advice from our sector experts.

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5. Insights into company culture and candidate expectations

As well as speaking to candidates every day, Michael Page regularly surveys UK workers to explore their expectations and intentions for the year ahead. Our most recent data revealed 24% of manufacturing, procurement, and supply chain professionals say they will start looking for a new role this year. The main drivers for this are higher salaries (61%), an improved work-life balance (35%), and to develop new skills (31%), with others feeling they have achieved all they can with their current company. 

How Michael Page can help with your engineering recruitment 

Armed with knowledge and insights like this, our consultants are perfectly placed to advise employers on how they should advertise roles to candidates, and what they should think about as part of their employer value proposition if they want to attract and retain talent.

As specialists in the engineering and manufacturing, and procurement and supply chain sectors, we understand the importance of finding the right talent as quickly as possible. Whether you’re recruiting for roles as a result of a restructure, for a factory expansion, or succession planning, our teams are here to help.

From candidate sourcing to placement, our team is uniquely structured to provide expertise at every stage of the process so you can get the right talent, fast, when you need it most, without sacrificing on quality.  

If you are currently hiring for an engineering, manufacturing, procurement or supply chain role, or expect to be soon, request a call back and our team will be in touch:

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