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About us

BYJU’S (Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd.) is the world's leading edtech company. Within a decade of its launch, it has expanded to cater to a large student community globally -- from K-12 and competitive exams prep, to early learning and coding -- with diverse offerings from the BYJU’S group. With corporate headquarters in Bengaluru, India and a presence in over 120 countries, impacting millions of learners, our global footprint amplifies our impact in bettering learning outcomes. 

Career development

We believe in investing, supporting, and encouraging our employees to visualise and define their career roadmap with BYJU’S. Right from providing flexible work hours and leave policies, health insurance, counselling to a series of employee engagement activities, we go the extra mile in supporting employees both personally and professionally. 


Office culture

We are a tech-first brand, powered by a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship. Our products are designed to have a daily impact on learners from all over the world. With this goal in mind, we have set out to build an environment that encourages BYJUites to experiment, explore, and keep pushing the envelope, constantly.


Our employees

Our community of BYJUites are individuals who innovate, ideate, experiment and appreciate the quirks of everyday work. We are a passionate bunch of people who love making learning accessible, engaging, meaningful, and personalised for students across the globe. 

Brand values

  • Humility: We talk but we also listen. We believe that communication is a two-way process. We work as a team, and have each other’s back. We don’t let ego get in the way of our learning. We celebrate our successes but our feet stay firmly rooted to the ground. 

  • Innovation: We dream big and set high benchmarks every day. We don’t settle for anything less than the best. Each of us are empowered to take challenges head on and provide solutions. We are the game changers. 

  • Passion: Passion forms the nucleus of all our values. It drives us in every project - small or big. We take pride in what we do and are forever hungry for challenges. This is not just a job for us; it’s a collective dream. We impact the way the young learn and this propels us forward. 

  • Integrity: We are honest, open and transparent. Integrity remains the core of our pursuit for excellence. We mean what we say and keep our promises. 

  • Empathy: We listen. We understand. We care. We thrive under collaboration, and flourish with each other’s support. We experiment, learn from each other and course correct when necessary, without hesitation.

  • Inclusivity: Everyone is heard. Everyone is valued. Our differences bring us closer, and our success comes from our diverse backgrounds. We recognise each person’s right to equality, fairness and dignity. At BYJU’S, inclusion is a right, not a privilege.