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Rico Logistics

About us


Rico, part of the international TVS Logistics Group,  comprises three core divisions: Same Day Courier; Technology Services; and Spare Parts Logistics.  Innovation is central to differentiating ourselves from competitors and our continuing growth.


Our employees


Our circa 1,800 employees come from diverse and varied backgrounds.  Diversity is critical to our business.  By employing people with different experiences, we will increase a culture of creativity, innovation and best practice.

Our office


The Covid era has brought significant change to the working dynamic. Technology, collaboration, and communication is more important than ever as our workforce force adapts to a WFH/Office routine that maintains team spirit and welfare. 


Career development


People are key to our success. We offer the chance to grow in a challenging environment and provide opportunities to develop your skills. Personal development and training plans help our people be a driving force in growth, operations excellence and customer loyalty.