Michael Page research finds workers don’t understand the term

LONDON, 07 January 2020: Intrapreneurship has been named the most desirable skill for 2020 by global recruitment specialist Michael Page, as it launches this year’s top 100 skills list. However, the term remains a mystery to workers; research found just 15 per cent know what intrapreneurship means. 

Michael Page’s Skill of the Year was picked based on thousands of conversations with consultants who have decades of experience in the industry. Outlining the best skills and attributes for securing a job, the list is a must-read for anyone attempting to sharpen their CV.

Described as ‘thinking and acting like an entrepreneur within a business’, intrapreneurship applies the traits of a business leader within wider employment. For example, an intrapreneur will consider ways to help its employer grow, introducing new ideas, offerings and ways of working whilst fulfilling their day-to-day job function – which may be in a different sector of the business. 

When polled, just 15 per cent of people said they understood the concept of intrapreneurship – but when pressed, were unable to accurately explain it. Of those who said they understood, just two in five (37 per cent) actually provided a correct definition. 

Once given a definition of the term, two thirds of workers (62 per cent) say they recognise themselves as intrapreneurial, but just 12 per cent currently list it on their CV, something that Nick Kirk, Managing Director of Michael Page UK&I, says job seekers must address in order to make themselves stand out from other candidates. 

“We live in an ever-evolving world, and for business that means job functions are starting to blur and employers are looking for versatile candidates who can operate across multiple roles. We picked intrapreneurship as our Skill of the Year after seeing an increase in companies looking for these traits in their next hires, so anyone who doesn’t yet reference this could be missing out.”

However, whilst businesses are seeking intrapreneurs, one in five workers (22 per cent) say they do not have the ability to develop as an intrapreneur in their workplace, instead feeling confined to their day job. The same proportion feel that it would not be appropriate to act as an intrapreneur in their role (18 per cent), and a further one in ten (11 per cent) say they would prefer to excel at their actual job than try to diversify. 

Kirk continues: “Great employees are those who are invested in the company and want to help it improve, which in turn enables them to create a working environment that they enjoy, so it’s a win-win scenario. Intrapreneurship may sound like a daunting term, but at base level, it refers to that person who is willing to go the extra mile to improve their workplace. When it’s broken down like that, it’s plain to see why this is so appealing to employers – and I’m sure many job seekers can identify that quality in themselves.” 

Intrapreneurship has been named the most valuable skill of the year as part of Michael Page’s third annual 100 in-demand skills report, determined by a panel of recruitment experts. In conjunction with the list, the company is offering personalised skills reports generated through its new online tool. For more information, visit:  https://www.michaelpage.co.uk/top-skills