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International relocation – consider your timescales

  • Start thinking about the reality of moving – will you rent out or sell your home? Start planning a timeline and speaking to estate agents to understand the local housing market better and what options you have. This can take some time to organise so be prepared and include it in your timescales.
  • Where are your children in their education cycle? If they’re about to start their exams you might want to postpone your move until after they’ve finished. It’s not impossible to relocate during this time but it might make it more difficult. Or if your children are at the beginning of their education you may find it better to go sooner rather than later so there is as little disruption as possible.
  • Factor in your notice period; how will this coincide with your children’s school dates? Don’t hand your notice in too early or too late or you may find yourself still within your notice period when your children should be starting school.
  • Make sure you give enough notice to the schools your children are moving to as well, don’t just assume they’ll have spaces.
  • If you’re relocating somewhere very long distance you’ll have to consider the best ways of moving your possessions, you may have to fly with just the essentials and wait some time for everything else to arrive.