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International relocation – how does it benefit your career?

  • At Michael Page, we’re on the lookout for candidates with people management skills, so if you’re thinking about a future international relocation then start asking for some extra responsibility at work. Being able to demonstrate people management experience will go a long way in securing an international role.
  • Demand in the international market is mainly for candidates who are used to working in fast-paced environments with large budget management and experience in sourcing internationally. If you don’t have these skills on your CV, find out from your line managers how you can take on extra responsibility.
  • In the international market we are currently seeing a demand for candidates that can demonstrate the ability to drive process and also implement process. Our clients are looking for a strong proven background in developing markets, up-skilling within the business, and the ability to work positively in change environments.
  • We’re your career partner and not just an agent that will place you in a role. When it comes to international opportunities it’s important to build a strong business relationship with your recruiter as we assist you with a life changing move. It’s important to partner with an agency that has specialist international fashion capabilities. We’re also here to give expert career advice and assist you in your career goals.
  • Start thinking about your motivations for an international move, this will help you prioritise the roles and the companies you’re interested in, based on short, medium and long-term career plans. The key to a local understanding of a business and a market will come from us and our experience of international recruitment.
  • Michael Page is a global company, operating in over 150 offices across the world, so we understand better than most that the international market has businesses with very complex structures. Not all organisations will be suited to each candidate’s objectives so your job search will be tailored to your long-term career goals.
  • We can put you in touch with other candidates who are living and working with companies you are interested in abroad. We can also draw upon our own experience of the international market.