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International relocation – thinking about your family

  • Start thinking about language lessons for you and your family; this can help with their integration into new cultures and environments.
  • What does your partner do for a living? Have you thoughts about their opportunities internationally? Start your research now – which countries offer both you and your partner opportunities? Often barriers can include visas or language, but planning early on will give an idea of the locations suitable for the whole family.
  • Are you and your family fully inoculated and do you qualify for a visa? You may have your heart set on an international move but many countries will require full medical certificates before they will issue a visa. Check the requirements to enter the country on a visa.
  • Do you have any pets? Are their inoculations up to date and do they have a passport? Some countries won’t allow the import of particular pets, so ensure your pet isn’t on the ‘banned’ list.
  • Is anyone currently dependent on you? Start thinking about the implications of moving away, i.e. arranging care.
  • Communicate with the friends and family affected by your move; if you’re left with doubts or unresolved issues you may be faced with delays or decide not to go ahead with the relocation.
  • You may need to consider child care support so find out what your chosen country offers in this area.
  • Have you researched the schools your children will attend? Find out what options you have for international and local schools and what long-term education opportunities there are.