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Sales testimonials

"I was concerned about obtaining work within a specialised sales field in the current climate. Fortunately, Michael Page contacted me with a position that had synergy with the market I had been operating in and was well suited to my previous sales experience.
They gave me valuable information about the company’s history, market and competitors prior to my interviews. The consultant kept in contact with me on a regular basis, informing me of the progress of my application and finally negotiated a remuneration package on my behalf that I was more than pleased with.
Having previously used some of the other large recruitment agencies in the UK, I can safely say that Michael Page has been far and away the most informative, efficient and personable agency I've worked with and would recommend them to anyone who is currently looking for employment."
Cory Talbott
Alfia LTD
"Michael Page delivered on every level, from their professional staff and level of care to their ability to make a stressful experience as painless as possible. I can’t thank you enough."
Marc Speed
"Dan Cole was very helpful during the job application process. He was very knowledgeable about the client’s company and gave me a good insight into their business and the nature of the position in question. He provided me with solid feedback after the interviews and followed up every time to make sure that all relevant questions had been answered. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael Page to other prospective job seekers."
Erhard Christensen,
"My consultant kept in touch constantly, advising me of other positions and offering to put me forward for them. This was in stark contrast to other agencies that seemed to "push" other positions and became negative towards me if I said they weren’t suitable.
My consultant didn’t want to waste my time or hers by putting me forward for something I wouldn’t be happy doing. She secured me an interview within days at a company I had previously heard of in the industry.
I felt that my consultant cared if I got the job and that I was not just another number on her books. After my first interview I was so happy; it was my first proper interview in 12 years! 12 weeks in and I am loving it. The best decision was using Michael Page. I would recommend this agency to anyone!"
Paula Whetnall
"I was very impressed with Michael Page's professionalism and efficiency; Michael Page were the only recruitment agency that respected my time as a candidate, going that extra mile to establish my requirements and only discussing suitable positions with me. I am sure this suits the employers using Michael Page's service too as they’re not wasting time interviewing unsuitable candidates."
Pauline Ripley
"I found Michael Page to be very helpful in my job search. It was no coincidence that I was able to obtain second interviews on four occasions through leads supplied by my consultant; he’d obviously researched my needs thoroughly."
Andrew Taylor
"I met my Michael Page consultant when the job market was very quiet. Within a month of our initial meeting he had secured an interview for me at Calypso Soft Drinks. Within the week I was at a second interview being offered the job. My consultant targeted me with exactly the right role and briefed me thoroughy. It’s all working out well and I am enjoying my new role."
Julia Hardman
"Following an intense bout of job hunting I was both heartened and impressed to find an organisation that was genuinely interested in the views and personal career strategy of the candidate and worked hard to match relevant and exciting roles whilst clearly maintaining the interests of the potential employer.
Sean Rogerson at Michael page was a joy to work with.  He gave excellent pre interview guidance and followed up with timely feedback and good suggestions of what to action next.  His communication was very friendly and I think his style added much to the quality of information that was exchanged by all parties.  I couldn't have been happier with the experience from start to finish - especially as I'm now working for a fantastic company and doing the type of role I had been longing to make a change to."
Deborah Burges,
"Seeking work with Michael Page and Tom Newman in particular, was a pleasure. I immediately had confidence that Michael Page were able to deliver all the knowledge, support and professionalism required for a job search. I am always more than delighted to recommend Michael Page to friends and colleagues."
John Copperwait
"My contact at Michael Page was very professional, polite and efficient. He listened and was able to put me forward for a position that was both relevant and interesting. After a lengthy interview process I secured a job thanks, in no small part, to his help. He stood out from other consultants I have used in the past by not sending me for every position that I might possibly be interested in. I would recommend Michael Page and indeed have already done so to a couple of friends."
Ross Hitchenor  
"I was very impressed in all of my dealings with Michael Page. From the very professional manner in which they met with me to understanding what I was looking for in my search for a new position, through to the regular updates I received regarding my applications. A very professional service from a very professional company. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael Page to any prospective employers or employees."
Raj Unadkat 
"The team at Michael Page were professional and informed about my needs for the future, along with my past achievements.  They perfectly matched me with the right kind of company and role that suited my career development."
David Nash
"I found my job searching experience with Michael Page to be a very professional and successful endeavour. Michael Page consultants were in regular contact with me both throughout the process and afterwards. Even after the appropriate placement with my current employer was achieved, they remained in contact with me. I would highly recommend job seekers to give Michael Page a chance to help them, they will be very well advised."
Pedro Aspiazu  
"Fantastic! The most professional, yet fun process I have ever experienced whilst looking for a new job. Dan Cole was amazing. He kept in touch every step of the way and helped me negotiate a great package. No effort, no fuss, just true professionalism. Michael Page is at the forefront for recruitment. I have now been in my new job for three months and it fits like a glove. I owe this to Michael Page for knowing both their business and the right people. Many thanks for everything you’ve done."
David Chatfield  
"I am very pleased with my experience of Michael Page. They seem to attract employers offering higher salaries than other recruitment agencies and my consultant, Ruth Preston, really listened to what I was looking for and only wanted to put me forward for roles that fitted with this. Ruth stayed in touch regularly and didn’t try pushing me into going for something I really wasn’t interested in. I would definitely use Michael Page and Ruth again."
Paul Marsh 
"Moving jobs poses many challenges. When time is limited, discretion is key and the risks of making the wrong move so high, it is invaluable to have the right partner to help manage the transition.Michael Page was professional in their conduct, thorough throughout, but most importantly they were thoughtful and resourceful when dealing with my individual needs.  I now find myself in a position that not only fulfils the remit I laid out, but the role feels almost like it was tailored for me. Personally, I couldn’t have asked for more from a recruitment consultant. I recommend Michael Page wholeheartedly."
Nikolai Koval 
"Throughout my 10years in Sales, I have dealt with a number of recruitment consultants. Most of who are instantly forgettable. However, Lisa Hardy at Michael Page was truly exceptional. Over and above the level of service you would expect. She was thorough and totally professional in her approach and took the time to listen to and understood my requirements. As a result of this, she put me forward for an interview which matched every single aspect of the job I was looking for. She didn’t try to send me for any random job to hit targets, nor did she "tweak" the truth about the role or the package on offer. That is so important, and in my experience unusual.
When I left my previous company, she helped me source information I needed and was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She always returned calls and emails. Michael Page does also appear to have a significantly better selection of higher calibre jobs.Without any doubt I would thoroughly recommend Lisa Hardy, and Michael Page."
Alastair Howard
"In a difficult time with my previous company closing down I would like to express my gratitude for all the hard work my consultant at Michael Page put into finding me the perfect role so quickly and presenting so many different opportunities options to me”.
Adam Cooper
"Before each interview Esther has called to brief me and listen to my interview preparation and she has always challenged me by asking questions that I might be asked. It's been fantastic working with Esther and in the short time we have worked together on getting me a role she has been fully consistent, totally professional (and a friend too) and dedicated, calling me when she says she will. I cannot imagine a better consultant than Esther!"
Anna Roche
“During all of my dealings with Michael Page I found them to be both professional and efficient. My consultant Gemma had a real interest in finding me the right position and she kept in regular contact with all the details of opportunities that I may be suited to. She gave me brilliant briefings prior to interviews and had a very enthusiastic approach which is just what you need when looking for a new job. After the interview she kept me well informed and up to date on the developments and gave me excellent feedback. She also provided me with some top tips with regards to my CV and interview technique. Thanks to Gemma, I am now in a fantastic job with great opportunities and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I would highly recommend Michael Page to anyone. It makes such a difference, as there are so many recruitment companies out there who just want to place you and fail to recognise you as an individual.”
Gemma Smith
"I was made redundant from the mortgage arm of DeutscheBank in June last year and started to make contact with a variety of recruitment companies to get registered.  Given that the financial job market was already under pressure, I knew that finding a job within my field of experience was going to be difficult and given this, I felt that several of the recruitment consultants I spoke with were disinterested in trying to help me.
Andy stood out from the rest because he was positive and he listened to what I had to say.  He was the only consultant to approach organisations on my behalf and he managed to get me an interview for a senior role on the strength of this.  Over the next few weeks, he always took the time to return my calls and keep me updated. The jobs that he discussed with me were always relevant to my skills and experience.  Michael Page were without doubt the best company of the many that I dealt with, they obtained more interviews for me and have been the most proactive in keeping in contact with me.  I should have no hesitation in recommending their services in general and Andy's in particular to any individual or organisation in the future."
Debbie Webster
"In a very fluid job market, I am pleased to say that I found Michael Page and, in Dan Roberts, a consultant who was 100% committed to placing me within a suitable role, providing a service that went beyond working hours. Getting a new job is stressful enough, but Michael Page were expert navigators and helped place me with the perfect company - they certainly outperformed any of the other recruitment consultants I had dealings with."
Mark Dunnell