The impact of Data Analytics

As part of Michael Page Technology’s ongoing digital transformation series, we have been talking to industry experts across all technology sectors to find out what their key challenges are and how the industry is evolving and adapting to meet those challenges.
Recently Michael Page Technology was delighted to host a Data Analytics & Business Intelligence round-table seminar to discuss how technology is transforming the retail sector. We discussed a wide range of topics including Customer Personalisation, Omni-channel marketing, leveraging data science within a B2C setting, the battle to get buy-in for BI, and how AI will transform the industry. 
We were lucking enough to welcome two leading experts in this field on the day, Jedidiah Francis, the former Head of Data Science at ASOS, and Maciej Piwoni, Global Analytics Manager at SAGE UK. Both Jedidiah and Maciej have a host of experience leading teams of technology specialists and implementing innovative solutions and had plenty to say on the discussions of the day.

How data analytics and BI are making waves in the retail sector

Retail is one of the fastest moving sectors where innovation is constantly transforming the landscape. With various layers of complexity and possible implementations, it is BI and data science which sit at the heart of this transformation. Leading organisations such as ASOS and SAGE UK are at the very forefront of this digital transformation. How and why is technology making waves in the retail sector?

Implementing new technologies and integrating new teams.

With organisations across all sectors realising the potential impact that technology can have on their enterprise, data-driven decision making is gathering pace. Crucial to benefitting from the potential of the technology is its smooth implementation and the integration of new teams within an established IT structure. This is nowhere more apparent that the retail sector where leading businesses are already reaping the rewards of integrating these technologies. How can organisations looking to get ahead integrate these technologies and teams to ensure success?
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