Technology innovation: investing in the future of skills

With the aim of transforming London into the smartest city in the world, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has published Smarter London Together and with the backdrop of Brexit, he is striving to keep London ahead of its European competitors through world-class connectivity, smarter streets, and the enhancement digital leadership and skills. 
There is an increasing race for top tech talent, but with London’s holistic approach to smarter cities - investing big across education, policy and infrastructure, is it a race it can win?

How candidates can invest their time

For this strategy to be effective, there must be a compelling vision that all stakeholders believe in. It also needs to be made clear to the candidates of today how they should be investing their time in order to future-proof their skills. 
These initiatives give companies, universities and candidates the focus to develop skills that will be relevant now and in the future. Technology evolves quicker than the talent market can keep up with, meaning there will be a lag and deficit between tech talent demand and supply.
The initiatives give investors’ confidence that the infrastructure (talent, education, business) will continue to grow, enabling them to invest confidently for the longer-term. Organisations need to be confident that the political environment will endure. 

The challenges when looking for talent in the tech sector

Businesses are caught between the need to support their legacy systems while implementing innovative technologies. This puts a huge strain on investment of time, resource and finances in any organisation. If you then overlay the challenge for competing for limited niche talent in a fast-paced, candidate short market, then the outcome is that the majority of organisations will not secure the right talent.
Other challenges you may come across include securing diverse and inclusive shortlists. The pipeline of diverse tech talent is not sufficient due to the lack of a variety of things. For example, not enough female school leavers were historically encouraged or supported to study STEM subjects over the last 30 years. Also, not enough was done to support women in tech roles through management level and beyond.

What the top candidates are looking for

When top performers are looking for a new role they are usually considering a number of key factors outside of salary such as:
  • An inspiring culture
  • Flexible working hours
  • High ethical standards and exciting products or services
  • The chance to work with the latest tech
Providing employees with a clear strategy and culture that aligns brand and behaviour throughout the organisation, whilst treating them with respect so they can work flexibly to deliver technical solutions, will ensure that you are well placed when they are considering job offers.
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