We are pleased to announce that Michael Page has partnered with talent development and organisational change experts Workplace Evolution to bring you a series of inspiring and informative podcasts, where a range of experts offer unique insights and their top career tips.

In our third episode, business psychologist Michael Costello meets with renowned former F1 driver and author of, ‘The Winning Formula: Leadership, Strategy and Motivation The F1 Way’, David Coulthard, for an in-depth discussion ion developing mental toughness and competing.

The episode explores:

  • Which of the F1 greats stand out as having mental toughness, and where did David’s own come from? 
  • How did David come back from his tragic plane crash in 2000? 
  • Why is mental toughness so important when you are still at the top of your game? 
  • How did David manage his mental strength on the starting grid? 
  • Why is mental toughness so critical to teamwork and success? 

There’s always the potential to do more, even when a few moments before you think you can’t.
David Coulthard

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