We are pleased to announce that Michael Page has partnered with talent development and organisational change experts Workplace Evolution to bring you a series of inspiring and informative podcasts, where a range of experts offer unique insights and their top career tips.

In our fourth episode, business psychologist Michael Costello meets former RAF pilot and author of ‘The Business of Excellence: Building High-performance Teams and Organizations,’ Justin Hughes, for an in-depth discussion on maintaining high performance.

The episode explores:

  • The importance of humility in high performance
  • Is the film Top Gun anything like reality?
  • What is it like to be part of the famous Red Arrows team?
  • Can mavericks within teams can add value?
  • How to ensure high performance with psychological safety?
  • What is it that high-performance teams get right in terms of rewarding and measuring performance?

If you don’t review [your performance], be prepared to make the same mistakes as last time.

Justin Hughes 

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