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Graduate advice

Entering the world of work post-graduation can be challenging for graduates at all levels. Finding the perfect start-up job or graduate scheme in your dream company may even seem impossible. With the stress of worrying about whether or not they have the right skills, graduates often find themselves accepting graduate jobs that aren’t really suitable for them, out of fear that they won’t get offered another. In addition to this, many graduates are unaware of the types of jobs that are available to them, and disregard jobs that aren’t directly related to their degree. This is a common mistake, even for more experienced professionals. Cutting yourself off from potential opportunities can ultimately prevent you from gaining career-boosting experiences and expanding your horizons.

At Michael Page, we have years of experience helping graduates to find the right career path for them. If you know exactly where you want your career to lead, or even if you haven’t got a clue – we can help you. There are many ways that you can begin your job search, we recommend preparation and perfecting your CV and interview technique, to give yourself the best chance of landing the right opportunity. By fine-tuning your CV and utilising our bank of articles, you can take the right steps to prepare and apply for the perfect first job for after you have graduated.

Be sure to have a look at our specialist advice content that can help you understand what to expect when applying for a job after graduation. We are experts in building graduate careers. From finding the right job for you to learning how to turn an internship into a permanent job offer, we can help you channel your career aspirations to build your professional brand, ensure you feel confident to attend your first interview, and land your first job!