Top talent is highly sought after. Keeping informed with industry trends and continuing to expand your skill set, ensures you remain marketable and are an appealing candidate to potential employers.  

Upgrade your skills

Keeping your skills current, refined and relevant is the best way to stay marketable. Align your skill set with your company’s plans, as well as those of potential employers.

Keep learning

Continuous learning illustrates your commitment to continued improvement. Strengthening your qualifications is an important way to increase the value you represent to your current or potential employer.


In the constantly evolving job market, keeping an open mind and remaining flexible about your employment preferences will open a world of additional career opportunities. You may need to reconsider your expectations in terms of industry, salary and/or job type (permanent, contract, or temporary) in order to keep your options open and avoid limiting your employability.

Get networking

Your network of contacts is one of the most useful job search and career development tools you have. Make the effort to attend professional association meetings, events and conferences. Building your reputation as a well-connected and valued peer, networking helps to keep you top of mind when opportunities arise within or outside your company.

Stay informed

It is critical to anticipate what skills employers will need now and into the future. Keep up to date with relevant trade journals, industry research and job advertisements. Staying abreast of developments and opportunities in your industry gives you a strong indicator of the type of skills currently in demand, as well as those likely to be valuable in the future.

Refresh your CV

  • Refresh your resume with recent achievements and current skills so that you can act on opportunities as they arise. Keep samples of your best work and update your resume with tangible examples of your accomplishments, such as improving business processes or contributing to the bottom line.
  • You are not required to include your date of birth on your CV.
  • Make sure you are aware of how to use the latest technology. There are plenty of courses (many that are free) to bring you up to speed with computer programmes.
  • Don’t include job details beyond 10 years.

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