Five key benefits of outsourcing recruitment

Outsourcing within the recruitment industry is typically known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and involves an employer transferring all or part of its recruitment process to an external partner. RPOs are often employed as a recruitment solution when an organisation is going through a relocation or even through mergers and acquisitions. There are a wide range of benefits to the RPO model but we have identified the five most important.

Reduced cost

One of the prime benefits of using an RPO is its cost-effectiveness, and it is often cited as the primary motivation for organisations to adopt this model. Many companies see their recruiting costs spiral with head-hunters, job boards and high turn-over adding to costs. An RPO provides an integrated recruitment solution and is judged on quick turnaround, reduction in cost and quality of hire. The solution is designed with all three factors in mind.


Many organisations experience peaks and troughs in their staffing requirements. Peak periods for retailers, manufacturers and supply chain management companies, for example, require staffing runs which can prove costly if handled in isolation. An RPO offers the option to scale up and down on recruitment activity and resource to meet the specific needs of the client. This is also an ideal solution for organisations going through expansions or opening new locations where many hires are required by a strict deadline.

Reduced time-to-hire

One of the single greatest barriers to a cost-effective recruitment process is an inflated time-to-hire. Poorly managed recruitment inevitably increases time-to-hire as interviews drag on and good candidates are snapped up by the competition. This can lead to a lot of wasted time and money with little to show but vacant job roles. The RPO model puts robust processes in place to mitigate these delays and ultimately secure the best talent in the quickest possible time.

Improved candidate quality

The right candidate is more than the sum of their skills and experience. There are myriad factors that go into identifying the right person for the right job. The RPO provider has the resources at hand to search far and wide for the people or person who is the right fit and can bring the qualities necessary to implement change. What’s more, the provider has a constant stream of candidates available which allows a far improved fit – as opposed to the hiring manager who may only search for candidates as and when a job needs to be filled.

Analytics and reporting

One of the often overlooked benefits of an RPO is the data which can be gathered throughout the entire process and over multiple hires. Analysing this information not only allows for real-time reporting and insights which can help with decision making but can offer actionable insight into the efficiencies of an organisation’s recruitment methods. This allows for a constantly evolving and improving recruitment process which over time will further improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ultimately, the quality of hires.

Our Page Outsourcing solution harnesses the power of the combined PageGroup brands and benefits from the knowledge, systems and expertise gained from over four decades in recruitment and 6,000 recruitment consultants globally. We are able to act as a true business partner for our clients. We offer comprehensive and bespoke talent sourcing and recruitment project management solutions to meet recruitment objectives at many levels and across multiple countries.

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