First impressions are essential for both candidates and employers, meaning how you advertise a job plays a vital part in the hiring process. A job advertisement stands as the initial touchpoint – it can either capture or lose the interest of top-tier potential candidates.

As one of the world’s leading recruitment companies, with nearly 50 years of experience, we have the know-how at Michael Page to help you understand what a job advertisement is, how to write one, and the solutions to attract top talent.

What is a job advertisement? 

A job advertisement is a notice or announcement publicising a job opening, with key details about the position available. It usually offers a written summary of a vacant role that an employer is actively recruiting for. Read on to dive into the details. 

How to advertise a job vacancy: writing an affective job advert

First, did you know as part of our recruitment package, Michael Page offers advertising packages? Our services include social network advertisement planning and execution, and both generalist and industry-specific job board targeting.

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Now, let’s delve into what makes an effective job advert.

Advertising a job? Include these must-haves:

It is vital to be clear, concise, and accurate in your description. Job postings should include helpful information for candidates, such as:

  • Job title
  • Job description and responsibilities
  • Time and location commitments (for example, part-time or remote)
  • Company background 
  • Who they can expect to report to
  • Qualifications and experience needed
  • Salary, perks, and benefits
  • Information about the application process
  • Contact information
  • Deadline for applications or a recruitment timeline if available

Keen to stand out? Explore these nice-to-haves:

Learn more about how to write a great job specification and everything you need to include, from company culture to details about the hiring managers, education to experience and skills required for the role, plus any other certifications and abilities needed.

Clarity and transparency are key. The clearer you are the more likely you are to attract the right fit, ensure a seamless process, avoid misunderstandings, and help save time later down in the process.

Beyond job boards: Where to place a job advert

The best options for job advertisement placing will vary depending on your company’s  size and sector, the role, and which talent pool(s) the recruiter is aiming to hire from.

Who is your target audience and where they are likely to search for a role? Things to consider:

  • Job search websites
  • Social media (especially career-focused platforms such as LinkedIn)
  • Companies’ websites
  • Jobs-related email newsletters
  • Industry-specific job sites 

Depending on the target demographic, physical media such as newspaper advertisement sections, job centres and in-person events such as job fairs, and virtual job fairs could be great avenues to pursue.

Using other media formats such as video to create or support job applications can give you an advantage. Video is particularly useful when seeking to hire from pools of young, qualified candidates, especially if the role is focused on video.

What's next? Advertise a job

HR managers can be effective in spreading the word about their well-honed job advertisements via a plethora of suitable outlets, but increasingly companies are seeking expert help in recruitment to make sure they are hiring in the most effective ways.

Michael Page’s advertising packages include services such as social network advertisement planning and execution, and both generalist and industry-specific job board targeting. We also include job adverts on our website, and as one of the UK’s largest recruitment companies, this will give your job advert excellent visibility.

At Michael Page , we provide highly effective options in an increasingly candidate-led recruitment environment. To start advertising your roles to top professionals today, get in touch with one of our specialists. Unlock the potential of your job advertisement with Michael Page.

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