In today’s world, competition is fierce in the job market. There is an abundance of jobs that businesses are recruiting for, but a skills shortage among candidates. One way to ensure you are future-proofing the talent in your team is to upskill your employees. 

When moving roles, most professionals are looking for the chance to develop themselves and step up in their careers. If you want to increase your retention rates and improve your output, upskilling your current team is crucial.

Encourage on-the-job training through internal opportunities, or outsource training providers to create a learning and development plan that fits the needs of your business. There are great ways to develop your teams to enrich the experience they have in their role, which will benefit your business at the same time.

So, how can Michael Page help you upskill your teams, and what tools can we offer to assist you in bettering your business and your people?

The most in-demand skills this year

Before you can upskill your individuals, teams, and departments, it is important to recognise where your organisation’s skills gaps are. No matter the sector that you are in, or the business environment that you’ve created, there are top skills that every business can benefit from tapping into and developing within their organisation.

Find out more about the skills you need to drive your business forward this year. We can help you by providing the 100 in-demand skills for 2019. Discover the top skills needed to excel this year and share the insight with your team so that they can generate their personalised skills report.

Future-proofing the talent of tomorrow

As the recruitment market continues to develop with the changing attitudes of professionals and employers, the demand for skills changes alongside it. To expand on our insight into the top skills, we have also delved into the future of hiring, exploring the purpose of businesses, the key drivers for top talent, and why diversity and inclusion (D&I) are so crucial.

In terms of the changing demand for skills, Nick Kirk, UK Managing Director at PageGroup, had this to say:

“Good candidates will have an aptitude for learning, but also a desire to develop themselves as a proposition. So, not to stand still, but to progress, and to remain relevant.”

When looking to upskill your team, it’s important to first identify what the gaps are. You can do this by:

  • Performing a skills gap analysis, and identifying the skills that each role requires then comparing that to the skills of your existing employees.
  • Calculating costs and aligning them with organisational requirements. 
  • Creating and implementing a strategy to fill those gaps with each of your team members.

For more advice on how to develop your team and upskill your employees, get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today for a confidential discussion.

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