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Legal updates

At Michael Page, our specialist recruitment consultants are keeping up-to-date with the industry news within the sectors that we recruit for. This enables us to give our clients the best advice and guidance when it comes to hiring. The content that we share is analysed by our specialist recruitment consultants to provide businesses with information they will find useful and aid them not only when looking for talent, but when determining the key skills they will need looking forward. This is increasingly important as, with the candidate-led market of today, it is crucial for hiring managers that are working with recruiters to be on the same page in terms of business needs. Planning ahead is a key element of a successful recruitment process.

Our legal updates range from information about GDPR to paternity leave in the UK, so you can always keep up to date from a personal and professional perspective. Reading through our informative content will help you to get to grips with your rights in the workplace as an employee, and what you can do to improve your legal processes as a professional business leader. Whether you are a large corporation or an SME, we can help you to promote best practices and change processes to better your organisation when making new hires, in terms of diversity and inclusion, workers’ rights and more. We have created a range of content that includes webinars and interviews that are linked to top industry professionals which can provide you with useful legal insights and updates.

We understand how important it is to get your legal processes up to date, particularly when it comes to recruitment. Our team of experienced recruitment consultants can offer professional legal news updates on how to prepare for change or implement change in relation to recruitment, within your business.

Explore our legal update articles to ensure you are up-to-date with news in the industry and other general legal sector updates.