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Our approach to finance fund management recruitment

Michael Page’s Finance fund management team eschews the short term profiteering that proliferates in commission-centric cultures, instead focusing on building long term, mutually beneficial relationships with candidates.
Our experienced specialists strive to provide a service that is consultative not conventional, personalised not prescriptive. We never push people into a job to satisfy our own agenda. Ours is an objective, responsive and solution oriented approach that reconciles the needs of the professional and the company hiring. 
With headquarters in the City of London and offices in financial centres across the UK, we’re close at hand to arrange last minute meetings, briefings and short notice solutions. Equally, if you would like to drop in to discuss your next move over a coffee, we’d be delighted to meet you in person.
Take the initiative: browse vacancies on our website, find your local office or speak to a finance fund management consultant.