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The future’s bright, the future is perm


How are things looking?

Compared to last year we have seen a positive start to 2013. New budgets have been signed off and hiring freezes have lifted. There has been a change in focus from temporary recruitment to permanent hires as programmes are looking to deliver long-term benefits over a longer period rather than quick short-term fixes. This allows them to build strong and stable projects teams, allowing quality candidates to develop within the business.
The majority of roles are at the associate or AVP level, the most popular skill sets being business analysts, process analysts and project managers. Our clients are often looking for niche or specialist skills in candidates such as regulator, risk and lean. As our clients increase numbers at associate/AVP level it creates more opportunity to progress into VP/director level roles within our clients’ organisations.
Skills most in demand include process re-engineering and Six Sigma as clients look to reduce cost by automation of processes and improving reporting processes. Stricter controls across financial services have also seen a high demand for regulatory skill sets across finance, risk and compliance.

Permanent salary survey

Role type Analyst/asociate AVP VP Director
PMO support £30-55k N/A N/A N/A
PMO analyst £30-55k £55-70k N/A N/A
PMO manager £30-55k £55-70k £70-100k  £100k+
Business analyst £30-55k £55-70k £70-100k  N/A
Senior business analyst N/A £55-70k £70-100k  £100k+
Process analyst £30-55k £55-70k £70-100k  £100k+
Project manager £30-55k £55-70k  £70-110k  £110k+
Programme manager N/A £55-75k £70-120k  £120k+

Our team

The world of change management is a very diverse place and as such requires a specialist approach. Our team is organised to ensure we understand our clients’ needs and help our candidates find the best role for them. All our consultants have at least four years experience and an in-depth knowledge of their area of recruitment.
David Stansfield specialises in process re-engineering and operational change. He has particular focus within the insurance, retail and corporate banking markets.

David Stansfield

Process change
T: 0207 776 5949