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As the industry continues to work through the fallout from Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for engineering and manufacturing professionals is higher than ever.

To thrive and succeed this year, we understand that engineering and manufacturing businesses need to secure talent quickly. To help our customers achieve this, we have created a comprehensive salary and skills guide to give you the edge on your competition.

The report has been divided into two areas of focus:

Recruiting, talent trends, and skills 

In order to secure the skills needed for growth in 2022, businesses must act fast and maintain flexibility within their recruitment processes.

Our comprehensive engineering and manufacturing market report provides a top-down view of recruitment in the sector. This includes the most in-demand skills, the current level of competitiveness, current hiring practices, and the most in-demand locations for jobs. In addition, our in-house advisors provide expert analysis on the latest trends in engineering.

Salaries in engineering and manufacturing

In a fast-paced hiring market such as this, understanding salary standards is key to securing top talent. Our salary and skills guide contains the latest market information, giving you an edge on your competition. In this guide you will find the average salaries for the most in-demand roles, an analysis of regional demand, and expert insight into the latest trends and fluctuations. 

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