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Turn the ‘talent crunch’ to your advantage

The global downturn has had a considerable impact on the accountancy recruitment market. Skills that were in demand a year ago may not be as readily required today, while accountants who combine the necessary specialist skills and a willingness to relocate, are in short supply.
To turn this ‘talent crunch’ to their advantage, candidates need to consider their options carefully. Flexibility when it comes to job search criteria will go a long way to recession proofing a career, especially if the candidate in question makes the commitment to adding a global dimension to their CV.
Financial Services markets in China, Hong Kong and Singapore have never been healthier, while Belgium is considered the epicentre of European activity. The Gulf states have also been less affected by the downturn and the demand for finance professionals, especially those with a Big 4 background, remains strong in both local and multinational companies throughout the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.
Companies are conducting more cross-border transactions and working hard to establish themselves in these markets. There’s no getting away from the fact that the accountants who are prepared to relocate will enjoy the best, long-term opportunities. These pioneers also stand to reap rewards on their return, with UK employers determined to attract local professionals with overseas experience. It’s time to expand your horizons.