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Are you bottlenecking?

Your legal career has gone from strength to strength; You paid your dues as a trainee/newly qualified lawyer, progressed quickly to become the dependable (“go to”) junior associate and are now scaling the dizzying heights of practice as a respected senior associate.  
Does this describe you:
  • You often lead transactions or operate with minimal partner supervision.
  • Clients of the firm ring you up directly to instruct you on matters.
  • You have successfully introduced clients to your firm.
  • You are involved in training, supervising or mentoring junior lawyers.
  • You have been told, at the end of appraisals that you have a “bright future” within the firm; or to “be patient” because “your time will come”
  • Several of your peers are already partners.
The next obvious step is partnership. You have been patiently waiting for the email/phone call (that should come any day now) to tell you that you are being put forward for consideration on the partnership track. 
Sadly, the reality of practice now is that rising stars often find their ascent to the next level stymied through no fault of their own. Whether it be because of the lack of the proverbial “business case” to put you forward for partnership or some other reason.
We have a strong track record helping out bottle-necking individuals and those with aspirations to be partners, so why not give one of the consultants on the Partnership team a call?  Or better yet, drop by for a visit to chat about your career options with us.