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Offshore career progression

As the offshore industry has continued to grow, many of the world’s leading organisations have established a presence offshore. These ‘blue chip’ companies work alongside the more established, specialist offshore businesses and local organisations; many of the islands’ economies are as varied as those  of major, global cities.
These economies are still growing and the specialist nature of much of the work, combined with the finite nature of the islands’ local work force, ensures that demand remains high for individuals with relevant qualifications and experience.
The quality of roles are very high, especially in the legal, fiduciary and financial services firms, and the increasingly high profile of the offshore industry means that experience gained in this market is highly valued across all global markets.
Additionally, as many offshore teams are comparatively small, role profiles tend to be broader. As a result, opportunities for rapid career progression compare favourably to more established markets where teams are larger and roles are structured in a more precise way.