In this day and age technology seems to be replacing human beings more quickly than ever before. Before we know it driverless cars will be replacing taxis and checkout-free stores like the recently announced Amazon Go, will be pushing checkout operators out of their jobs. Low risk finance firms are already instituting algorithms to trade stocks. That technology is slowly encroaching into the recruitment world, with the ability to scan CVs for specific phrases, words and qualifications. So are recruitment consultants in danger of being replaced by a mathematical equation?

Global firms with large training programmes, receiving inordinate numbers of applicants, need to have an initial vetting process that is both time and cost effective. When hiring junior staff, using an initial algorithmic screening process can be a useful tool to cut though the masses of unsuitable candidates. However, as firms focus on highly qualified and more specialised roles, a professional recruitment consultant will offer invaluable experience, knowledge and advice. Something a software programme simply cannot offer.

Using recruiters for offshore positions

Relocating professionals internationally can be complicated, which is why ensuring clarity on the expectations of both clients and candidates is essential in determining the best way to move forward. So what does this mean in actual practice? Let’s ask the difficult questions in order to understand the whole picture.
  • Is the candidate married or in a long-term relationship? 
  • Will this relationship be recognised by the government for work visa purposes? 
  • Is a home being left behind and will it be rented or sold for the move?
  • Are there any long-term illnesses that might be difficult to treat on a remote island?
  • And most important, does the candidate have any questions? 
Specialist recruitment partners are key for clients looking to recruit offshore. We define our offshore jurisdictions as locations that are typically island localities, with niche environments and ties to the UK. We work extensively in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Falklands and Gibraltar, with fewer roles in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Malta and St Helena but we have a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges within each. 
There are three approaches to offshore recruitment. The first and often the easiest is on-island candidates into on-island roles. Secondly, relocating candidates in from one of our offshore jurisdictions to another (e.g. Isle of Man to Guernsey). Most frequently however, we move people from around the world into our offshore locations.

Benefits of using a recruiter

At Michael Page our industry specialists in recruitment attract top talent from right across the globe. Professionals from our personal networks, who we approach through targeted headhunting, and who apply to our targeted advertising campaigns, are carefully considered for each offshore role we recruit for. We aim to make the recruitment process straightforward and time efficient for both our clients and candidates by establishing realistic time frames and working swiftly to match our clients with the best candidates. 
Our assistance stretches far beyond the basic recruitment stages. We are actively involved in the relocation process well up until onboarding a candidate actively contributing to the team. When a candidate relocating from Scotland to the Falklands needed to move two dogs, we worked closely with our clients to arrange transportation. During the relocation of another candidate from the UK to St Helena via two flights and two boats, we provided support on both sides. Having a recruiter as a buffer between clients and candidates can be absolutely essential at all stages for a successful and stress-free recruitment process.
If you are looking to recruit in one of our jurisdictions please get in touch to discuss just how we can help.
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